LEX M&E ENGINEERING SDN BHD is a company properly incorporated as Sendirian Berhad with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia is in 2014. Since then LEX has built up a solid reputation among customers as a trusted Mechanical & Electrical Engineering company in Malaysia based on our steadfast commitment to service quality and reliability With more than 6 years of experience in providing specialized M&E services with deliver Top Class Quality Services on Time and with Optimum Cost Effectiveness.

LEX M&E ENGINEERING SDN BHD broad portfolio of services includes machinery works, testing electrical work, and material engineering. The company aims to provide customers with complete M&E solutions that are directed towards covering all their requirements. With such a diverse and hard-working team, we are able to tackle most projects, as well as any issues that may arise during the process. This approach and the success of the firm in meeting or exceeding expectations is demonstrated by a long and growing list of satisfied clients, an extensive list of references, and a repeat or referral business.

LEX M&E ENGINEERING SDN BHD continue to envolve with each challenge, they aspire to be future leaders in service excellence, by providing our customers with reliable, high-value M&E solutions that will keep their business going strong. LEX pursuits the enterprise mission “To build art treasures and create harmonious spaces”, with our cores values of “Honesty and Devotion, Creation of Excellence, Win-Win Cooperation, Harmonious Development”and to create a glorious future, working with customer hand in hand.


    The vision of the group is a reflection of an ideal, ambitious and responsible business. We are obsessed to satisfy clients by the day-by-day elaborative services and through the solid platform, employees are able to reach their own value and feel the sense of accomplishment through completing the social responsibilities and dedication to the public.


    Create a Harmonious Space: The group’s mission requires that all the staff are supposed to be treated as an art work, and to achieve work consummately. Create a harmonious building space for customers; Provide a harmonious work and development space for employees to furnish the relevant parties a harmonious cooperation and win-win space


    The founder of LEX M&E ENGINEERING SDN.BHD. Mr.Lim Kim Huat. Let me take this earliest opportunity to first thank all of you for taking your golden time to go through my milestone story behind my unlimited success on today’s achievements. I would like to welcome all my valuable readers to the secret of my success. My main motive in life is to achieve my goals and “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

    I started to spend my life goal using my career experiences, with just only RM12.50 as start up cash for my business. I am less educated; however, I acquire a great experience in the field of mechanical, electrical & engineering field. In the beginning I worked in a mechanical engineering company as an employee. At one point I was too interested in my job until it made me decide to open my own company in mechanical, electrical & engineering field. In 2014 my wish came true from that experience I managed to open my own company with a small project together with two employees. With all my efforts today, my company has managed to run big projects and my employees are growing to more than 22 people. Even though I am not highly educated, I will continue to cultivate a passion in myself. If others could succeed, why I can’t I?

Lastly, I would like to convey that all my efforts are from the support of my crews. Thank you to all my invaluable customers, principals, business partners and employees for their relentless support and strength in my progressive success and helping me realize my visions and goals

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful." I cannot be like the world’s famous entrepreneurs, but I thrive to be like them when given the possibility as I take them as my mentor. I am not doing it for my own pleasure, but I am guiding the newcomers to the doors of new and variety of opportunities.

Best regards,

Lim Kim Huat.

Managing Director